Monday, February 7, 2011

Momma's Lover Boys

Ever since we found out we were expecting Drake. Luckas has been extra cuddly and extra loveable towards me which I'm NOT complaining about at all. He is the biggest Daddy's boy that I have ever seen, so this is def out of his norm. But being cute/funny isn't....

He literally cracks me up everyday:) Even when he is a little stinker or he is having one of those bad days. Like when we are both on the sofa and he inches closer to me to kick me or poke me with his toes over and over again!! But then when its time for bed I get my goodnight kiss and I always ask for just one more and he comes back to me to give me one more with the BIGGEST smile on his face. Melts my heart into pieces:)

Tonight he was in one of those moods where he was kicking me and poking me with his toes. Getting into things before bed and I asked him to cuddle with while we watched the rest of Blues Clues...he wanted to cuddle with Drake and I!!! Brotherly love already?!?!

I thought that Drake would kick Luckas, since he has been active all night. But he never kicked him or me. So I guess he already loves his bigger brother Luckas:) We are trying so hard to teach Luckas how to say Drake..but this is what he always tells us.."Drakey". I think he says Drakey meaning drink. But who knows..his speech can get way better by July:) Well I'm off to do my domestic chores for the evening and wait for Justin to finish his college and his work stuff he brought home from work. Its going to be a LONG night for the both of us. Till next time:)

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