Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Coming To An End

Are you ready for this fun filled blog?!?
Are you sure?!?
Want a good laugh?!? Be prepared for a little chuckle;)

Okay....well our very busy month is coming to an end in a few days, a lot has gone on for us:) We celebrated both Justin and my we are now "old people".jk jk
Then we got to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary:) We had a nice dinner out at the Cheesecake Factory. We had some yummy food and Justin got to enjoy a beer and not worry about a screaming toddler!! Seems to have just FLOWN by so fast. We have been through training for the USMC, 2 deployments, having a baby, moving from Kansas to California, moving to a new house and more on top of that. Plus more to come in our crazy life with more years to come;) And this also makes me sad, I graduated high school 4 years ago!!haha
Then two days later we celebrated Luckas' 2nd birthday. I held it together most of the day, I got really tear eyed in the morning before his party. But I did okay:) So GO MOMMA!!!! He had his 2 year check up and his little noggin is in the 95% group, his weight is in the 70ish% group and his height is in the 60ish% group. They also told me that he has grown 3 inches since he was last seen by a about growing!!!!

We also got some AMAZING NEWS that we will be moving into our new house in the next 3 weeks. I can't wait to finally have a bigger home, more space, the chance to get ready for Drake and start on his room..I think it will actually SET IN more with me besides him kicking me harder that he is coming in 20 or less weeks. I know Justin is excited to have more room with having another little man on the way:)

Then last but not least..I have to share a little funny story with you all about our newest speeder in the family:)bahaha I have gotten literally SO MUCH greif from Justin about my two speeding tickets (which both accounts...were a joke), my warning driving home to Kansas trying to find a rest stop and then my improper turn ticket (don't ask me how that happens). Anyways...Justin gives me so much smack on my tickets and how he doesn't want to pay for anymore. I have been ticket free since April 2009. Back to the main point, Justin calls me since he is coming home from work today. He slips in that he got pulled over by PMO (military police) and got a speeding ticket. I literally busted out laughing SO HARD, I was crying for a good portion of the phone call and after we hung up. It was so priceless that a speeding ticket for going 10 over the speed limit..55 in a 45. So his new name is Speeder;)

I hope you all enjoyed the little update:) Now its time to go get some buffalo chicken wings and a salad for dinner;) And make sure your going the speed limit!!haha

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  1. LOL! wow your little family has been busy, and I laughed so hard at the speeding story. those PMO are kinda ridiculous sometimes...

    love ya girly! thanks for sharing I am so excited for your cute little familia