Friday, January 28, 2011

Luckas is now a BIG BOY:)

Well I knew this time was coming once we found out we were pregnant with Drake. But I was waiting till the new year to come around to actually put my little plan into action. I know that he is ready for this BIG STEP. So I decided that we were going to test this "BIG BOY" bed aka our spare bed that was hanging out in his room. He did such a great job, I snuck into his room while he was napping and took a few photos but got a little nervous since I didn't want to wake him up. I was alittle emotional after seeing him being such a big boy, sleeping there without a problem.

So we have had only one scare with him falling out of bed, He woke up scared and crying. But I put pillows under the sheet so its like a little bumper and Justin wanted his old mattress down on the ground as back up. I took down his crib, really sad to take it apart for now but it will be ready for Drake when we move into our bigger house. After finally finding the BIG BOY bedding I wanted for his room, it finally came and He LOVES it. Biggest smile came on his face after I was telling him that it was his for his BIG BOY room and for him being a BIG BOY (yes, I do the BIG BOY..since we trying to let him know that he is no longer a will understand when or if you have kids). He covers himself up, he falls right to sleep at night, he has been doing so good. I honestly couldn't believe he has done so good! Makes me such a PROUD MOMMA!!!

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  1. i LOVE that teh talking puppy thing we got him for his birthday is on his bed :) i cant believe he is almost two already!!!!! :(