Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Drake McNutt Updates

Here is where I will just write little updates on how this pregnancy is going:) I moved it over from my word document to the blog!!

October 30th: We found out that we are expecting Baby #2 and we are so very excited:) To finally have Justin here for the whole thing is going to be so awesome. I can't wait for him see my belly grow and be there for when the baby comes!!! We are thinking the due date is July 12th,2011.
November 1st: Went and got it confirmed we are pregnant by the hospital:)Now I have to go in and get all that lovely lab work done!!
November 19th: I had to go in for this silly little class about being a mother again. Learned the same info I learned last time about the hospital since I already delivered here! Now I can't wait for my intake appt to get the ball rolling:)
November 22nd: The Intake appt went well. The due date is still July 12th,2011. I also found out that my best friend back home is also due on July 12th....her guess was a few days off;) So I'm way beyond excited that we are going through this together even if she is back in Kansas!!
December 13th: We got to see the baby today...just like with Luckas. Justin was just so in awww over seeing the baby. This baby was SO MUCH calmer then when we saw Luckas. He was such a wiggle worm. This baby just stayed in one spot, moved their hands to their face. The heartbeat was at 160. They moved a leg here or there but just stayed in the same spot the whole time. I have a little feeling this is going to be a girl:) So I'm crossing my fingers and toes and Justin's fingers/toes too!haha
December 16th: Made our appt to find out the babys sex on January 19th. Waiting for the Naval Hospital is going to have me going crazy. So we will find out when I'm 15 weeks and 1 day:) We can't wait to see what she/he is so we can start planning for this little ones arrival!
January 1st: I got the best New Years gift EVER. I felt little flutters for the very first time today:):) I can't wait to start feeling little kicks here when I get further along!
January 5th: I have not yet gained any weight. I was 133lbs when I was at WIC in December. I'm now 132lbs! I'm just blown away..with Luckas I was already slowly packing on the weight haha. I'm going to ask the hospital what I weighed the last time I came in...just curious!!
January 11th: We had to change our appt to find out what Little Baby Nutt is since Justin will be busy working that day issuing gear to the 8 teams that they will be training. We are now going two days earlier on the 17th and I'm getting really nervous since its so close. I'm just hoping for a girl but would love to have another boy. So either way I'll be okay!
January 17th: We found out that we are expecting our 2nd BOY:) Having Justin there was just so amazing. Seeing the biggest smile come over his face was just priceless. I will admit I started crying with so much happiness, sad no girl, but just the over all experience to have Justin there was something special. I'm a little nervous to have two boys who will most likely get into some trouble...but I'm a strong Momma;). I know I can do it..really excited to be surrounded by my boys:):) Our newest little man will be named Drake William McNutt. I got the name while I was in Missouri visiting my mother-in-law way before we were even preggo. I found Drake loved it and texted Justin to see what he thought, He was hooked on the name!!! I wanted William as the middle name since its my Grandpa's name. He was the only male figure in my life for along time since my dad wasn't there. He is such a great man and I really could go on and on about how much he means to me. I know that Drake will honor his name:)

January 18th: Indigestion is starting to kick in now. I have a feeling that we will have another little boy with a full head of hair when he arrives into the world. Luckas gave me bad indigestion and came out with a full head of JET BLACK hair!!! I'm starting to feel Drake a little more here and there. I hope Justin can feel him in the weeks to come on the outside:)
February 1st: Had my "18 week" check up..but I was 17 weeks. The OBGYN desk person doesn't know how to count and he isn't even pregnant.haha Everything is going great with Drake. The Dr. couldn't pick out his heart between mine, so she busted out the ultrasound to find him to hear him and check his heartbeat. She even gave me some bonus photos of him, which was nice of her. We go to make sure he is still a little boy on March 3rd...hoping Justin can make this apppintment since he has to work.
February 10th: Drake is starting to let me know his in my belly but kicking me more often. I have a feeling that he will be making my ribs all nice and bruised later on. We are still waiting for a 3 bedroom house, we can't wait to start decorating his room! Luckas is now saying "Drakey" and knows when we show him a photo of Drake he says "baby"!

March 3rd: We got to see Drake again today:) He is def a boy and I'm so excited to meet him. I think he is going to have cheeks just like his bigger brother Luckas, like me and like Justin!haha He already has long legs...hope they aren't so bad at kicking me. But we are so excited to meet him!!

March 16th: I went in for my 24 week check up. I'm 23 weeks though:) But I was excited for my appt to make sure everything was okay with Drake. I asked how much I weighed since the beginning of my pregnancy and I was 133lbs to start with back in October/November. From February 1st (my last OBGYN appt) I have gained 10 lbs so now I weigh a lovely 145lbs.haha The nurse was laughing and I just laughed it off, but 10 lbs in a month and a me thats a lot. I know I'm supposed to gain weight, just wasn't expecting to hear 10lbs come out of his mouth. Now if I can only gain another 12lbs till the end of my pregnancy I could be a happy camper, thats better then gaining 50lbs in total like I did with Luckas:) We just can't wait to meet him and love on him. Luckas is going to be such a great big brother!! He is already going into Drake's room and hanging out. lol

April 13th: I will be VERY honest. I hated the Dr. I saw today for my appt. I didn't like anything he said about my weight. I think gaining 20 lbs and only being 7 months PRETTY DARN good! I gained 50lbs with Luckas. So I think with really 3 months left to reach {40 weeks} maybe, is really good to have gained what I have. I was told that I needed to exercise more and eat healthier. But really chasing Wild Man Luckas around and having ADD/ADHD I can't sit still. So I get my full share of exercise. Now I can't wait to see the OB at my next appt so I can talk about my "weight"!

May 1st: Well its MAY....2 months till Drake is here!!! I'm getting a little more nervous for him coming. Just the "What will happen..", "How is it going to be with 2 kids...", "Will Justin be able to finish college?", "Will Luckas be okay with another baby?". I have a little feeling that Drake will be coming before the 12th. I hope that labor is nice and smooth like it was with Luckas. We are starting birthing classes on May 4th so that Justin can know what will happen and just learn things he missed out on with Luckas. I think he is going to be a great Coach and supporter for me. I just hope he doesn't pass out..thats my main concern!haha I'm starting to pack our bags slowly since I'm working all weekends of May and I have no idea where the month of April went. Time is coming fast for him to get here and I don't want to forget something/no do it and I go into labor haha. But I have 3 bags to pack: Drake's bag, Luckas' bag (if he has to go to someone) and then my bag for the hospital.

May 11th: Well 2 months and 1 day till Drake's due date:) OB appt went well. I have only gained 5 lbs since my last appt in April. Which I'm proud of since the last Dr. I saw had an issue with my weight. I guess in the last 4 months the weight gain have changed when your pregnant. But my amazing OB said she isn't worried and that I'm still measuring on track. The pain I have been having on my stomach that feels like Icy-Hot literally caked my skin stretching. Its like someone giving you an Indian Arm Rub...lovely right!?! My blood pressure was a little higher then what they wanted it to be at the beginning of my appt, but it went down when they took it again. Drake's heartbeat is around 130's which is still good:) She said if everything is okay, we could be having a baby at the end of June around when I hit 38 weeks..IF Drake does what Luckas did when I got my membranes stripped. Luckas came that night after I had it if Drake wants to and I see my OB at 38 weeks..He could come NEXT MONTH!!! YAY:)

June 8th: Today was a good day for a 35 week appt:) I now weigh the amazing 166lbs. So far its been a total of 36 lbs up to this point in my pregnancy. I think I'm doing great:) Drake is measuring right on target as he has been. His heart rate was around 140 today. I also got checked, I'm already 1cm dilated and she didn't say how thin my cervix was just that its still thick. She said that he is head down and he is really low, right So all in all it was a great appt and we will go get seen again in a few weeks. Justin was out in the field and I sent him a text to tell him how the appt went. I loved his response "I love you so much babe. Keep me informed so I can hall booty out of here if it happens. mwah babe!" Its starting to get real for the both of us that time is starting to get closer and closer to going into labor. We can't wait to meet Drake:)

June 23rd: Today has been a little eventful day for us! Went to our 37 week appt and I now weigh 168lbs. I went into L&D on Tuesday because I thought my water broke, but it was just extra So I was very thankful for that since I don't know what its like to go into labor on my own. But Drake is measuring right on time. She checked me and he is DEF head down and she said he is right there ready to go. I'm 2 cm dilated and my cervix is 50% effaced. So that makes me happy:) Came home was just hanging out, lost my bloody show. So I have no idea when he is going to be showing his handsome face now. Just waiting for him to show up and make his apperance! Car has his carseat base, bags are packed, people have been put on alert for a just incase for Luckas! We CAN'T wait to meet him and Luckas can't wait to meet "baby"!