Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving Day[s]

All I have to say is that I am so THANKFUL that its over. I packed our whole entire house by myself. Justin packed all his stuff in his car and I mean that in every way. He uses work as an excuse but I had to watch Luckas and I still got it all done. I also cleaned our old house all by myself!! I cant believe that I did so much in just 3 days. Its really beyond me how I did that. So thankful that we have amazing friends that helped us move. I honestly dont know how we would have moved all our big stuff without Eric & Tatums and with a little help from Kris & Amy. I am excited that we are finally out of our 1970's house. It will always be our first house that Justin and I have had as husband and wife. Where we brought Luckas home to after he was born. So many memories, but its nice to have a fresh new start with a new updated house:)

We are 85% unpacked from our move, thats with staying up till 1am unpacking and putting things away. I have to get used to our new house because there are some new things I am not used to. For an example: Our old fridge opened on the left side and our new fridge opens on the right. Cabinets are different:) I love how we have 1 type of tile in the house and 1 type of carpet! haha. I literally mean we lived in a house that was still stuck in the 70's!

Well I am literally pooped from todays agenda. I shall blog later when I have something new:

♥ tiffany

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its Raining, Its Pouring, The Old Man is Snoring..

It has been raining since Monday!! I love the rain but its really starting to put a damper on my moving plans if it keeps up! Other then that I have really enjoyed the cloudy/rainy day that it has brought us. Most likely going to be the most rain that we get for the rest of the year!

Well Luckas has been sick for the past 3 days. He started out with a fever,thought that we could break it ourselves and just give him some tylenol and motrin. Seemed like nothing could make him happy, he wouldnt eat anything so we had to force him to get some food down. I thought that we were in the clear since his temp went back to normal. Well that night we got a rude awakening. 4am rolled around and he had a 102.6 temp again and wouldnt take his bottle nor pedialite. Brought him downstairs and watched some Little Mermaid, then he finally went back to bed. He woke up with a 102.2 temp and thats when I had enough. Called Justin to come meet us at the ER. He barfed in the car on the way to the hospital. He had a 104 temp when we got there. He was stripped to his diaper to cool him off. He was well hydrated!! So that was a plus but they basically told us what we already knew and were already doing. His temp was slowly going down. We gave him a nice warm bath and he seemed to be feeling better. Started eatting some salt crackers and loved them. 3am rolled around again and Justin heard him making a little noise, he was laying in his own puke and shaking. Talk about SCARY AS HECK!! Put him in a warm bath to warm him up. Now he is feeling so much better:) I am so glad that he is back to his old self again!

♥ tiffany

Monday, January 18, 2010

Honey House Naturals Products....

Honey House Naturals

I just wanted to write a little something about the most amazig stuff I have come across since Burts Bees. I first came across this product while I was back home in Kansas visiting my inlaws. A girl that was in my husband class started her own little coffee house called Jitters. She had these products set out for costumers to check out and test out the testers! I was trying the bar above out and it was just AMAZING. I will really recommend this to anyone!

This company is called Honey House Naturals. They are based out of the state of Washington. All their product ingredients are made from nature, which is a plus for me and high quality. They DO NOT test on animals which I also like. And they use recyclable material for their packaging:) These products are made for dry skin which is perfect for me since my skin drys out here in the desert! They have really affordable prices and their products last you awhile & smell yummy!

If you want to try or order any of their products. I would go to their website: Hope everyone will enjoy:)

♥ Tiffany

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out With The Old & In With The New...

Its just less then a week and a half from us moving into our house:) I am getting extremely stressed due to the fact that Justin will be only helping me just on the major moving day! I have to do the cleaning by myself in the old house so that we can pass the final inspection and turn in our keys. I also have to get the new house all ready and painted before Justin's dad and stepmom get out here for the visit. And to add on the stress we only have 3 days to move out and get everything done in the old house.

I have also learned that it is OKAY to get rid of Luckas' baby stuff. I really needed to sale Luckas' swing but I honesly didnt want to because it was apart of him. But all in all I sold it and I felt better that it was going to be used for another lovely boy that will be coming into the world later this year:) I also have some cash on me I also had this HUGE tub of his newborn-6 months clothes packed full. Justin reminded me that I will most likely be buying our new baby if its a boy new clothes so its okay to get rid of some. So I went through it and got rid of some more clothes. I feel like I have got rid of some baggage it feels like but its all worth it.

The biggest thing that I was worried that we would have to keep because no one would want it was our garage door opener, due to the fact that Lincoln Military Housing didnt install one in our house. But Justin talked to some friends out at his work and its getting packed up and is gone this coming friday.yippe:) So glad that we wont have to deal with that when we move! But good luck to LMH for having to install a new door because this new one they put in doesnt have a lock system.haha

I will be honest, I am ready for this new start for our little family. NEW house, NEW year, NEW stuff, NEW unit, NEW photography site/business, NEW stuff to learn:)Its going to be a great year!

♥ tiffany

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ellen In The Afternoon

Well I have found my "mommy" afternoon show...The Ellen Degeneres Show!! After watching cartoons all morning with Luckas and playing with toys, having Justin come home for lunch and watching crime shows. I found my little show to watch in the afternoon! I have never really been into the whole "old woman" shows I would call them in the past.haha Lately I have been watching Ellen on a weekday basis. But she really is just to funny to pass up! I would hands down rather watch Ellen then watch Oprah or Ricky Lake if they even have that show anymore!! Ellen is just funny and makes my day with a laugh after having a sick baby screaming in my ears all day from having an ear infection,runny nose and is congested! She has her own cork to her that I just love. Plus its a show that Justin wont come home to and change the channel. He lets me watch the whole thing:) haha! Its so adorable when I am watching Ellen, Luckas sits on the sofa with me and claps his hands and goes "clap" (in his own little way)! She has such a big heart & has helped quit a few people out with there struggles from this falling economy. So its a win win situation in my house! If you never watched should watch a few of her talk shows..she is amazing!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting Fresh for 2010!

Well, I have seen a lot of my girlfriends getting a blog. Been wanting to do it for awhile so I decided to take the dive and start one for our little family:). So here it goes...

Well as some of you may know that Justin re-enlisted last September for another four years in the Marine Corps(yippee..cough)!Ready to see what these next four years are going to bring our way. We are staying in good ol' 29 Palms!! Also Justin just picked up VERY PROUD OF HIM! He has worked so hard to get where he is,he is our hero!! He wanting to take some college courses to help him further his education. Just has to find the time to get in and get those classes going!

Luckas is about to turn 11 months here in the next coming week..cant believe my little chunky monkey is going to be turning the BIG 1 soon! Oh man, where did the time go? I can't believe how time has flown by so fast. We are just enjoying every single second with him. He has the little flu bug & an ear infection at the moment, but he isn't letting it stop him!! He has learned that when we say "doggie" he looks at Ace our yorkie and says "goggie"! Its so adorable:)He is learning so much lately that we cant keep up sometimes. Getting closer and closer everyday to taking his first step!!

Well we are about to move out of our first "military house" in the next few weeks and into our new house. Kinda nervous but its something that is exciting, new and refreshing for us! Should be packing most of our house up the weekend before we move.YIKES!! We are basically moving by ourselves with a little bit of help from our awesome friends. But I am most excited to paint our new house, since I didn't get that chance in this house.

I have just recently started my own little photography business back in November 2009. Its been going really well so far. Cant wait to start getting behind the camera more in the next few weeks. I am still learning a lot on my own. And had have some really good help along the way so far!! I am just excited to do something that I love doing now, thanks to a friend for giving me that most gentle shove. I am still doing online schooling so I have a fall back plan, if anything happens!

Well I think that is good for now. I will "blog" later when something else happens with our life.