Monday, March 29, 2010

Warning:TMI When Reading This Post...

DOCTOR VISIT: Luckas has been sick since Friday early morning. He threw up his milk after his morning nap. I gave him some meds and gave him a bath. He was acting just fine so we ran to the Library & to the Commissary and as we were driving away from the commissary I smell this smell from this morning. I look in my rear view mirror and Luckas is getting sick in his car seat..I pull over into the homestore parking lot and take care of him till we can get home which is like 2 minutes away. I called Justin to tell him what was going on. He comes home early to help me out with him. It was already to let to get an appointment at the hospital. And we both didn't want to sit in the ER. He had some bad #2 diapers and that was freaking us out, but he did fine till Saturday night right when we were putting him to bed he got sick again:( Took care of that problem. Sunday he was acting fine and didn't get sick. He went to bed and during the night he started coughing and it was wheezy & his voice sounded rough. He woke up this morning and it just sounded beyond NOT okay. Made him an appointment to be seen and got one to my surprise:) His pediatrician said that his lungs were sounding good, no congestion. He cough sounds like he is draining from his nose. His exzema is starting to flair up which we got some of his medication for. Other than that the she said that he most likely has a stomach & head cold virus (she used some other So Iam hoping that he gets better soon. Seems like he is ALWAYS sick. But I guess little toddlers are expected for that to happens!

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