Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garage Door Lesson:D

Sometimes Justin can be very forgetful about the little things. And thats fine, I understand when he is in a hurry he will just leave something somewhere, its something.

So today before Luckas and I left for our playdate this afternoon. I told Justin to make sure he doesnt forget to lock the back door good. We go to our playdate and Luckas had fun playing with Peyton M. at the park. Well its getting to be Luckas' afternoon naptime. We are driving home and I notice that someone on our block left their garage door open. I literally think to myself how pissed I would be if Justin did that. As I get closer to the stop sign I count the houses...its OUR HOUSE!! I pull into the driveway and get out of the car to check the house before I bring Luckas in and THANKFULLY NOTHING was stolen. Someone could of literally walked into our house, grabbed my camera, both our laptops,justins xbox and if they had help Justins nice new tv!!!

I go grab Luckas after I know the coast is clear. Iam so livid with Justin I decide to call his work to have a little "chat" with him. I call and one of his co-workers answers and he gets Justin for me. He gets on the phone and I ask him if he left the garage door open, he tells me no. I ask him again if he is 110%. He says he cant remember. He asks me why. I tell him that his tv is gone & both our laptops are gone, that someone had came into our house and stole our stuff. He is freaking out and asks me if I called PMO. I tell him yes they are on their way (at this point I just want to laugh bc he is falling for it)!! I ask him what he is going to do as of getting his tv and our laptops back. He tells me he is going to break into everyones house till he finds his tv. LMAO. Then I tell him Iam joking and that I hope he learned his lesson to NOT LEAVE the garage door open again. Because we are VERY lucky no one came and stole our stuff.

Just thought I would share.haha

♥ tiffany


  1. LMAO!! You're so funny! I think Jacob would've killed me if I did that to him!

  2. haha.well i think he learned his lesson:)