Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its One Of THOSE Days...blah

Today is just really one of those days where I just want to go back to bed & wish it was tomorrow!haha But that cant happen or all hell would literally break loose in our house.

Luckas' ear appointment went really well:) His ears look great the doctor said. She said that she wants to see him in a year to a year and a half for a check up! She says we need to stop COLD TURKEY with letting him go to bed with a sippy cup. Easier said then done. Maybe its just me but I would rather tackle one thing at a time with Luckas. As of right now we are trying to tackle him sleeping through the night. So the next step it will be no more sippy cup during nap time/bed time..but its going to take some time!! Other than that, he is doing great.He didnt go to sleep like they wanted him to but hey, I kinda had an idea he wouldnt!

And then my crappy day begins after that. I shut off my phone because in the Audiology office cell phones have to be turned off. We go get lunch at Del-Taco, they messed up our order, no suprise there! Luckas goes down for a 15 minute nap. Wakes up and we head to the Naval Hospital to get his finger pricked. He did GREAT:) Then its off to WIC. I try turning on my cell so I could call Justin to tell him how good Luckas did and that we were on our way to WIC. My phone doesnt turn on it does its little loading sundial thing it does since its a stupid smartphone blackberry! I FINALLY get it to turn on to call Justin and tell him whats up. Luckas is being a pooper climbing all over the WIC play table. He wouldnt take no for an answer. Then after sitting there for over 30 minutes the lady calls me up to tell me that I gave her the wrong "proof of new address"!FREAKING LOVELY, we pay all our bills online and we do paperless for most of everything.She told me I either went and got something to prove I lived there before 4pm today or I would be taken off WIC.Freaking B---- was rude about it!So I run to the bank, phone still a pile and I cant get a new phone till the 13th. And the bank is being a pain in my rear. Luckas is freaking out bc he hasnt had lunch. So McDonalds we shall go. That made him happy, went back to WIC and got everything settled!! And its not even the end of the day yet! So Iam just hoping that nothing else comes bad.Okay Iam pooped from writing.


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