Monday, March 22, 2010

Ear Tests

We had a blast this weekend with the Mac's coming to visit us. I know Luckas enjoyed hanging out with Logan very much. Its been a few months since they last saw eachother, so it was a very well needed visit. Those two are basically glued to eachother when they get together.haha They both had to push the walker together. They played together without fighting, they just hang-out. It was really funny because we were out to dinner and Logan reaches over and feeds Luckas a piece of grilled cheese. It was so adorable:)Luckas has finally mastered the climbing. He will use ANYTHING to get to where he wants to go. Cracks me up because he will get so mad if it doesnt go to plan. I swear I have a monkey on my hands!!!! But I cant complain, I love everything about our little man. He is so independent, its sad at times since I still want to do certain things for him:( But I know it is a process and it has to come sooner or later. He has also mastered on how to open up the baby-proof cabinet things that you have to push down to get the door to open. Little stinker-bug!!

I am pretty sure Luckas & I will be heading back to the great plains of KANSAS♥ either in June or August this year for a few weeks:) I'm pretty excited since I get to see two of my favorite girls. I will be doing a homecoming shoot for one of them since her hubby is coming home as well. But Iam just excited to be able to be going home & seeing family/friends. I will be be able to visit some family so they can see Luckas while we are back.Gosh, to be back for a Kansas summer...amazing to me:)Just reminds me of when I was growing up and how much fun I had every summer going camping,fishing,hanging out with friends, the rodeo before schoool started! Ugh..okay Iam really getting homesick now!!

Now for the kinda big news.Luckas is going to go get tested tomorrow morning for his ear infection problems that he has been having. Granted he has only had one double ear infection and just one single ear infection. They have been pretty bad for him:( So we are going to Yucca to get him checked out.Tonight is going to be a long night because he has to stay up REALLY late and wake up SUPER early and then we have to make sure he doesnt fall asleep on his way to Yucca so he falls asleep in their office so they can run some ear tests on him. Iam praying that everything comes out okay and they tell us that he doesnt need to get tubes in his ears. So Iam crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for him to get some good news.I will write more when we know more.It may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but to me getting tubes in is a big deal to me!!!



  1. aw thats adorable about Luckas and Logan! too cute! and I'm sorry to hear about the possible tubes in his ears. That would be a big deal for any mommy! I hope the appt goes well give him a kiss for me!

  2. thanks leah:)they were adorable.and iam just praying its good news.thats all i can hope for!i'll keep you posted!!!

  3. raleigh has had one double and two singles, but no one has ever mentioned ear tests to us ! but i've thought about it since she is soo terrible when she gets an ear infection.

  4. dang.your lucky jess.i couldnt believe she wanted him checked when she said it.i was just in shock.but iam glad it was done!!