Monday, March 8, 2010


GOOOOOOOD MORNING:)[mini update on luckas]

Okay, thats just a little to cheerful for me so early in the morning!! Well Luckas decided that he wanted to wake up and was ready to watch his morning cartoons right when the sun decided to peek over the mountains.haha Let me start off by saying that my son is a BLUES CLUES & THE BACKYARDIGANS monster these days. Those two shows come on the tv, he looks right at me with his eyebrows raised, a milky smile on his face and goes ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He will start to sing along in his own baby babble now to the theme song. I cant get over how he just KNOWS whats about to happen. We will sit and say the words to things so he sees them. He starts to pick up on things more and more everyday.

Now lets talk about someone who is CRUISING along these days. Luckas is hitting another milestone, walking more and more with standing up in the middle of the floor all by himself. Seems just like yesturday he learned how to crawl for the first time. And now that he is standing & walking he has become a big food moucher*. He likes to have everything we have haha. And if you dont share with him he growls at you and lets you know he is mad. What happened to my baby that needed me to make a fresh warm bottle for him to drink and hold him so he would be fed?!?....he grew up!

I have to go set Luckas' audiology appt so he can get his ears tested to see if he the fluid is gone all the way and crossing our fingers they say he has passed so they wont have to look into him already getting tubes. I really doubt they will have him get tubes since he has only had 2 ear infections. But you never know with these people in California!!! So that will be another story to blog about:)

Well I have to go make little man & me some breakfast & then watch some toons before our morning nap together!
until next time-♥tiffany


  1. aw Luckas is becoming a toddler! gezz they grow up too fast for us mamas :(

    btw I LOVEEE your Background!

  2. i know:(it makes me sad to think he is growing SO fast!before i know it he will be going to pre-school and i will be bawling like a baby!

    & thank you.i love it!