Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my best friend, an amazing husband & the BEST Dad on this planet!!! We love you so very much Justin, thank you so very much for everything that you do for us. We are excited to let you sleep all afternoon and be bums with the spare matress on the living room floor to watch movies all day with you:) This is actually Justin's 3rd Father's Day to be celebrating:)Why you ask?!?

[June 2008]

Yes, We found out 2 years ago that we were expecting:) My mother was out here visiting California for the first time, Justin just headed off to the field to train for his up coming deployment back then. I just decided on the whim to take a test and sure enough....two PINK lines. I had to scream down to my mom because I needed another set of eyes. I also contacted one of my friends to run with me to Rite Aid to get another pregnancy test. Because I didn't believe the test!! It of course says "PREGNANT". I was literally blowing up Justin's phone to tell him the good news, I also had my mom and my friend Melissa texting and calling him. Just incase he got signal out in the middle of no where and got the amazing news:) We finally got ahold of him and he was so in shock but so HAPPY/EXCITED he told everyone on the mountain and called his dad. That was Justin's first Father's Day & his first Father's Day present!!Your the BEST dad & husband anyone could ask for:) Hope you have a great day with us!

♥ tiffany


  1. haha i remember that day! seems like just yesterday!! you had me calling everyone on the phone list trying to get someone to get ahold of him! and then i got ahold of Sgt Davis' wife finally. i still cant believe he is already 14 months old! complete craziness..they grow way too freakin fast!

  2. I know that day was crazy:)And he is now 16 months old!! Almost 18 months old in August..he is growing way to fast.

  3. Omg I remember that EXACT father's day because it was the same day me and Eric found out we were pregnant too!!!! That is so weird!! I think I was in shock that entire day, but Eric was just over the moon telling EVERYBODY we saw.

  4. I never knew that:)Well then its Justin & Eric's 3 Fathers Day. That was how Justin was, he told EVERYONE. Can't believe that time has flown by the way it has.