Friday, June 11, 2010

No Eggs/Allergies

Lately everything has been fitting together like a little puzzle. Ever since Luckas was put onto formula after I couldn't breastfeed him anymore, he was projectile vomiting his formula Enfamil Lipil that WIC provided us coupons to get. We were back home in Kansas last April 2009, we are at Taco Johns when Luckas just vomits all over himself and its so much that it goes through his car seat onto the floor. We went and bought him Enfamil AR the spit-up resolution formula. That formula stopped everything and we figured that it was just the formula! Well January 2010 rolls around and we move into our new house so we started him on whole vitamin D milk. He started vomiting yet again, so at his 1 year check up we asked the doctors at the naval hospital if he was okay and told them his symptoms. They said he was fine, so we just left with that. As the months kept rolling by we thought he was fine and just had the flu bug which he caught OFTEN. He would just get sick out of the blue with no fever, could be in the middle of the night, after he woke up, just whenever. We started to really get worried last month when it was happening more and after the past trip down to San Diego and the birth of my friends son. I scheduled an appt for him to get seen for reflux. I had been searching online for symptoms and most of them Luckas had. I was freaking out!!! The doctor put him of Prevacid to help with the reflux, he got blood drawn to see if maybe he was allergic to milk and we had to schedule a GI x-ray for him.

[this is him getting his blood drawn for the blood took a lot for me not to start crying, poor guy had to get pricked 3 different times]

Since his last appt Luckas got sick twice yet again. So I called the Quarter Deck to see what I should do. The on call Doctor called me and said she would have the nurse call me in the AM to set him up an appt the next day so he can be seen and treated. We go in yesterday and since his 15 month check up he has lost already 1 lb and a couple ounces. His eczema has flared up really bad towards the end of May. So she gets him a stronger cream and gets him aquaphor for his eczema around his eyes. Benadryl for the itching and then she tells me that his blood work has come back already and that he is 90+% allergic to cat dander, 40%-50% allergic to eggs and dog dander. She told me recommends me not getting a cat anytime soon and that we should take cut eggs out of his diet for 9-12 months to see if he out grows it. As for the dog dander, ACE is staying since his breed is hypoallergenic. Gabby is already gone (if you knew who that little stinker is) Luckas and Ace are like best of buds and that's Luckas' "goggie".

[playing with his best friend♥luckas will tug-a-war with all day if luckas wanted to]

So after all that information, you would kind of think it would be easy to find books, information online or anything online about "no egg" baking or cooking. Its harder then I thought. I can find some recipes or I'll find something and start reading and it has eggs in it. Why would people waste my time with putting "no egg" and have egg in it. I have gotten frustrated a few times so far with this. But I have a good friend Erika down in San Diego who is a very happy vegetarian and knows her stuff about "no egg, no milk, no meat..." stuff. But its not that easy to be honest so I have been looking all over for maybe some good priced books and this is what I have found so far.

1. Joy of Vegan Baking

Looks like it could have some good baking things so Luckas can still have cookies and cake with us and not feel left out. I hope that it has some bread recipes in there too so I can make some bread for him so he can have some toast:)Since its his FAVORITE thing to eat lately. What caught my eye when reading what the book was about "The Joy of Vegan Baking lets you have your cake and eat it, too!" It should be helpful since I'm not an expert baker so I will be able to understand it!

2.The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes

Now this one looks like it could be alittle fun with pies:) I would love to tackle a pie or two to see if Luckas will eat it. But it just depends on the sugar, since we don't want him taking in a lot of sugar. Got to keep him healthy:) It says all these recipe are all homemade and it does have bread recipes in it. This book could be a winner to what I'm looking for since it helps understand replacers for butter, eggs, nuts and so on.

3.Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

This is a book that Erika referred to me. I really didn't get to read much about the book and what it have to offer since these authors have already have another book out. I might have to look more into it. But its worth a shot:)

4.Bakin' Without Eggs

This book is in my "cart". I got to read alittle of the intro thank you to The author that wrote the book was writting this book with one thing in mind. You can find a lot of books that pertain to one theme. But she wrote this book for families that can't use eggs. She also says that there are books out there for "no eggs" but those eggless books are found natural food stores. So as for Justin and I being meat eatters that we are, we are having a harder time finding books for Luckas:( Thank goodness for this book.
I just wanted to say if I have offened anyone I'm sorry. We are not going VEGAN or VEGETARIAN. Abuse to animals is very wrong, but we love meat to much! I was born on chicken, steak and mashed potatoes!! I have been doing alittle more than a handful of research for Luckas; health.Thanks for reading:)



  1. So sorry about the little bugger's woes!!! Glad you are getting some good info now! You will have to bring some of your eggless treats next time you come down! love ya Becky

  2. poor guy! its great that y'all found out and will be able to keep him included in meals that everyone else gets! =] good luck on your new baking adventures!!

  3. Poor Luckas!!:( Glad they finally figured out what was wrong! Hopefully he can start feeling better now!

  4. Thank you so much Becky:)I just dont want to have him be left out, so why not "tweek" things that we do so he can be included. Its gonna be a change, but its worth it!! Everything rolls into eachother so hopefully his exzema will chill out now with what we know!Thanks Jess & Jess.

  5. Poor little guy!! I hated when Emalyn had to do that GI x-ray, it was awful! I hope he starts to get better now that you've figured all this out!

    I had NO idea you didn't have Gabby anymore!! What happened!??

  6. Yeah, I cant believe it took us this long to figure it out. But I'm glad its now then later:) So we shall see how his xray goes tomorrow.

    We haven't had gabby since November 2009. She was so gloomy here in 29. We have these little backyards for the dogs to play in and she needed like a YARD to run and play. She just needed what we couldnt give here in 29. So Justins mom took her for us, she has a HUGE backyard to run and play and what she couldnt do here. She is 10x much happier in Missouri then she would be here in 29. We miss her but its just for the best that she is in We didnt get rid of Ace because he hates being outside, haha he doesnt want to be outside if no one is out there.