Tuesday, June 15, 2010

X-Ray Time

Luckas went in for his upper GI X-Ray this morning at 9am. They always tell you to show up 15 minutes before your appt time, but they you wait like 20-25 minutes to get seen. Atleast that happens here in 29 Palms! We didn't get seen till 9:30. I wasn't supposed to feed Luckas anything so he had no breakfast. I wasn't going to NOT give him anything to drink. They made him drink this nasty chalky drink that I added to his milk which he drank! The doctor was taking x-rays watching this weird drink go down into his stomach. We had to wait 15 minutes after that to get this first x-ray after. Then we had to wait another 30 minutes after that. I'm literally trying to keep him from going nuts by cuddling with him and letting him run around in his diaper and t-shirt with his cute little shoes on. Everytime we had to go back to the room to lay down to get the next x-ray, he would SCREAM like he was dying. I had to calm him down by myself so we could get a good shot. Poor little guy:(

He did finally break down and cuddle with me, he passed out. After 5 minutes of being asleep he starts snooring which was so adorable:) Here is his little photo of him passed out. Besides getting the upper GI X-Ray, they had to do another test thats why it took so long! His doctors wanted another test done so another why he had to take that nasty drink so it could get to his colon. After the 4th x-ray, I was so happy to hear that we didn't have to stay another 30 minutes for another x-ray. We go in for a follow up on Thursday to get the results on what they found out!! Hoping for good news:) Keep him in your prayers.

ps.these photos were taken on my cell phone.


  1. Oh my goodness :( Poor baby! Those things are the worst! They actually made me stay outside and my mom went in there with her b/c I would've cried, lol. She said Emalyn drank that white stuff really fast, I guess she liked it haha.

    I hope you get good results back soon so they can get him the right meds to make him feel better!

  2. Your lucky! Justin was at work so I had to do it myself. I called to see if you could come but he couldnt get out work early..blah!They wanted Luckas to drink of the bottle with the nipple. He hasnt had a bottle in over 6 months.He drank like half of it!

  3. Oh yea!! I can't believe they didn't give him a cup! Emalyn was only about 6 months when she had hers done, so she wasn't as mobile and didn't really know what was happening. I can't believe they didn't let Justin go! Gotta love the military sometimes!