Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doctor Update

Its going to be short and sweet:)
We went to Luckas' follow up appt early this afternoon. I will be honest I was kinda freaking out that they were going to give me bad news. But I was praying and hoping the best. They weighed him and he gained weight YAY!!!!!! He is now 23 lbs 14oz. We are so happy that he is eatting and acting like he should be. He was chowing down on some snacks while she was talking to me. She was very impressed with how much he was chowing down. He was being silly and she would ask questions he would answer in his own way by shaking his head no or yes, with some babble in there with a smile haha. She thought it was cute!! She said his x-rays came back "outstanding" in the other doctors words. The meds that she put him on (the prevacid) seems the be working. Lets just hope he doesnt catch another little virus!! So everything is going great:) YAY!!!!

♥ tiffany

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