Thursday, August 26, 2010

Major UPDATE:)

Well I know, I know that I have been slacking on the whole blogging thing but life literally caught up with me since June. Get ready to be read alot and catching up some MAJOR cuteness!!!

1.Luckas got his 1st HAIR CUT:
Justin and I decided that it was time for Luckas to get his hair cut due to the major fact that his original birth hair was getting in his eyes and I couldn't just slide it over to the side anymore. I got so caught up on making it to his appointment on time that I forgot to grab my camera battery that was charging so I had to take photos on my cell phone. Luckas did a great job and didn't cry at all while sitting in Justin's lap:) We have since then got his hair cut yet again since it grows so FAST!!

And after his second hair cut:D He is a STUD MUFFIN!!
2.Homecomings for Olive Juice Photography:
I got the amazing chance to be at 3 homecomings for three awesome girls that had their men coming home to them. I did one of them for my partner in crime Tina...we also had an amazing time getting hit by a sandstorm while we waited for the buses to pull up. The traffic had come to complete stop and when the sand finally cleared alot of the marines that were already at the field were running over to a wreck that had happened near by. I know Tina didn't care what she looked like at all after the sandstorm, she was just pumped to have her man home!! Anyways that was my little spill. I wont post any photos since this is not the Olive Juice Photography blog. Check it out here: OJP Blog.

3.Luckas giving kisses:
I can't STRESS how much I love our son. He is the best miracle that I have ever seen! I never knew that I could love someone so much as I love Justin. But the love you have for your own child is BEYOND anything in the world. Luckas has grown so much and is so smart!! He does this cute face that I caught while after giving Justin a kiss. He comes up to you and gives you a kiss and then laughs with a cute little smile:):) Just see for yourself.

4. 18 month check-up:

Luckas had his 18 month check-up today and he did really good:) He weighs 26 lbs and is 32 inches long. His cute little noggin is in the 94%-tile which is fine the doctor said. He is just taking after his McNutt side of the family since his great-grandpa McNutt and is daddy have nice big noggins! She was very impressed that he is already using the potty for only being 18 months old. He knows more then 10 words..I think its more like 15+ words now. He still has eczema which is calming down now. We still have Ace Poo McNutt since that is Luckas' doggie and he loves him so much. I usually cry when he gets his shots and Justin was supposed to be there to help me today but was needed at work. But I didn't cry and was the firm hand to comfort Luckas (which he usually wants his daddy). But I'm just glad that he is all healthy and is a freaking SMARTY!! Here he is on his 18 month birthday dinner. Ps. Thank you to whoever was so kind to pay for our dinner that night. That was so kind of you, I will return the favor one day to someone!

5. The Cute Shoe Monster:

We have this shoe monster in our house that likes to take our shoes and spread them through out the living room or walk-in area. I bought these bins for all our shoes..we all have our own. And you would think mine would be the one with the most shoes...nope he has more then me. Anyways Luckas has this little fetish with playing with our shoes. I think its cute until I have to go somewhere and I can't find the other shoe that I need. He has dumped his own shoe bin out all over the house. He loves to take Justin's shoes and wear them, he gets really mad when he can't fit both his feet into one of Justins shoe. Here is our Cute Shoe Monster in action..
And thats just in a 15 minute time frame:)

Well that is all for now. I think I got everything thats going on with us. I'm busy with running the house, taking care of Luckas and running OJP. I have to finish the last of my dental schooling. Just have to get past the fact that this last book is HUGE and there is 33 tests to take. Justin is just starting back on schooling from his two week break. Busy working and being the best dad and husband to our family:)


  1. love and miss you all!!!!

  2. we love and miss guys too!!cant wait to see you guys again!