Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving Day[s]

All I have to say is that I am so THANKFUL that its over. I packed our whole entire house by myself. Justin packed all his stuff in his car and I mean that in every way. He uses work as an excuse but I had to watch Luckas and I still got it all done. I also cleaned our old house all by myself!! I cant believe that I did so much in just 3 days. Its really beyond me how I did that. So thankful that we have amazing friends that helped us move. I honestly dont know how we would have moved all our big stuff without Eric & Tatums and with a little help from Kris & Amy. I am excited that we are finally out of our 1970's house. It will always be our first house that Justin and I have had as husband and wife. Where we brought Luckas home to after he was born. So many memories, but its nice to have a fresh new start with a new updated house:)

We are 85% unpacked from our move, thats with staying up till 1am unpacking and putting things away. I have to get used to our new house because there are some new things I am not used to. For an example: Our old fridge opened on the left side and our new fridge opens on the right. Cabinets are different:) I love how we have 1 type of tile in the house and 1 type of carpet! haha. I literally mean we lived in a house that was still stuck in the 70's!

Well I am literally pooped from todays agenda. I shall blog later when I have something new:

♥ tiffany

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