Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out With The Old & In With The New...

Its just less then a week and a half from us moving into our house:) I am getting extremely stressed due to the fact that Justin will be only helping me just on the major moving day! I have to do the cleaning by myself in the old house so that we can pass the final inspection and turn in our keys. I also have to get the new house all ready and painted before Justin's dad and stepmom get out here for the visit. And to add on the stress we only have 3 days to move out and get everything done in the old house.

I have also learned that it is OKAY to get rid of Luckas' baby stuff. I really needed to sale Luckas' swing but I honesly didnt want to because it was apart of him. But all in all I sold it and I felt better that it was going to be used for another lovely boy that will be coming into the world later this year:) I also have some cash on me I also had this HUGE tub of his newborn-6 months clothes packed full. Justin reminded me that I will most likely be buying our new baby if its a boy new clothes so its okay to get rid of some. So I went through it and got rid of some more clothes. I feel like I have got rid of some baggage it feels like but its all worth it.

The biggest thing that I was worried that we would have to keep because no one would want it was our garage door opener, due to the fact that Lincoln Military Housing didnt install one in our house. But Justin talked to some friends out at his work and its getting packed up and is gone this coming friday.yippe:) So glad that we wont have to deal with that when we move! But good luck to LMH for having to install a new door because this new one they put in doesnt have a lock system.haha

I will be honest, I am ready for this new start for our little family. NEW house, NEW year, NEW stuff, NEW unit, NEW photography site/business, NEW stuff to learn:)Its going to be a great year!

♥ tiffany

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