Monday, January 18, 2010

Honey House Naturals Products....

Honey House Naturals

I just wanted to write a little something about the most amazig stuff I have come across since Burts Bees. I first came across this product while I was back home in Kansas visiting my inlaws. A girl that was in my husband class started her own little coffee house called Jitters. She had these products set out for costumers to check out and test out the testers! I was trying the bar above out and it was just AMAZING. I will really recommend this to anyone!

This company is called Honey House Naturals. They are based out of the state of Washington. All their product ingredients are made from nature, which is a plus for me and high quality. They DO NOT test on animals which I also like. And they use recyclable material for their packaging:) These products are made for dry skin which is perfect for me since my skin drys out here in the desert! They have really affordable prices and their products last you awhile & smell yummy!

If you want to try or order any of their products. I would go to their website: Hope everyone will enjoy:)

♥ Tiffany

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