Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting Fresh for 2010!

Well, I have seen a lot of my girlfriends getting a blog. Been wanting to do it for awhile so I decided to take the dive and start one for our little family:). So here it goes...

Well as some of you may know that Justin re-enlisted last September for another four years in the Marine Corps(yippee..cough)!Ready to see what these next four years are going to bring our way. We are staying in good ol' 29 Palms!! Also Justin just picked up VERY PROUD OF HIM! He has worked so hard to get where he is,he is our hero!! He wanting to take some college courses to help him further his education. Just has to find the time to get in and get those classes going!

Luckas is about to turn 11 months here in the next coming week..cant believe my little chunky monkey is going to be turning the BIG 1 soon! Oh man, where did the time go? I can't believe how time has flown by so fast. We are just enjoying every single second with him. He has the little flu bug & an ear infection at the moment, but he isn't letting it stop him!! He has learned that when we say "doggie" he looks at Ace our yorkie and says "goggie"! Its so adorable:)He is learning so much lately that we cant keep up sometimes. Getting closer and closer everyday to taking his first step!!

Well we are about to move out of our first "military house" in the next few weeks and into our new house. Kinda nervous but its something that is exciting, new and refreshing for us! Should be packing most of our house up the weekend before we move.YIKES!! We are basically moving by ourselves with a little bit of help from our awesome friends. But I am most excited to paint our new house, since I didn't get that chance in this house.

I have just recently started my own little photography business back in November 2009. Its been going really well so far. Cant wait to start getting behind the camera more in the next few weeks. I am still learning a lot on my own. And had have some really good help along the way so far!! I am just excited to do something that I love doing now, thanks to a friend for giving me that most gentle shove. I am still doing online schooling so I have a fall back plan, if anything happens!

Well I think that is good for now. I will "blog" later when something else happens with our life.


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