Friday, May 14, 2010

The Luckas Vocabulary

Well Luckas has been on a roll with learning words lately=] He also loves to copy what you say so we are now at the stage where we need to watch our words wisely. He goes around the house, in the suv or even in the middle of the store he will just start talking his jibber jabber and sometimes he gets REALLY loud. He is just so freaking smart, he knows that if he crawls behind my side table he can get my drinks. I can ask him "where is your cup?", "do you want some juice?", "are you hungry?", "want to go bye-bye?" or my favorite "want to take a bath?". He knows what the means and he will respond by grabbing his sippy cup and handing it to me, runs to the gate to wait for his juice or to get in his highchair to eat. I think its so adorable when I ask him to go bye bye that he goes and grabs his shoes from his shoe bin and will hand them to me and sit in my lap, breaks my heart!!

Well this is his vocabulary as of now:

fen fi (which means french fry)
night night

I cant wait for him to learn more and then be able to talk to us in sentences. We have decided that we are going to get Luckas his first hair cut next month after he gets to his family down in SD county. I am really nervous about getting it done but it will make him feel alot better this summer. I was looking at photos from february and now, its gotten much longer and fuller. We had a blast today coloring and telling him the colors he was using and just letting him have fun with different types of stuff...markers, crayons or finger paint. He was just having a BLAST! Anyways, ending with some photos of the little man:)

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