Monday, May 10, 2010

Cleaning & Meal Planning

So today has been a really CRAZY day for me. First thing is first, I cleaned this whole house & did the laudry then folded it which is the husbands job, haha. But I decided I would help him out and do it for him this time. I also steam cleaned our sofa which needed it really bad. Iam very impressed with myself on how much I got done. That also included running to the post office on base and sending out a package and running to the library to drop off a series. Luckas woke up cranky from both of his naps, which is the usual. But when we came down stairs from his first nap I turned on his Blues Clues, gave him his cup of milk and he was glued to the tv. I started to clean my computer desk and looked over. Saw luckas being so adorable...

And then he comes to chase after me since I have my camera♥

He was also a great littler helper with folding the laundry by dumping the white basket on the sofa He just makes me whole life worth living!!!! Anyways after I cleaned the house & finished the laundry. I saw that alot of my girlfriends have been doing this "meal planning" and thought that maybe we should try it to see if we save any money. I think that if I can plan the dinners and not worry about planning for breakfast, lunch or snacks. You have to start somewhere. But I'm really going to try this meal planning. I already starting making out what I need from the store. This should be interesting:] I will have to let you know in another blog how this "meal planning" goes in this up coming week. I have to jet off to bed, I have a work load tomorrow. Luckas has to get his chicken poxs shot.Yikes...


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