Friday, May 7, 2010

Combat Boots & Diapers

Before I start me little ramble. I wanted to send a BIG thank you to Gayla for making the cute header for our family blog:] It fits great, thanks again.

Well Luckas is feeling so much better. I'm hoping that he wont get sick again till the winter time. Jeeze poor guy needs a little break from being sick all the time. He is finally able to, well I HAVE finally cut the cord on holding his own juice box. I'll do it when its needed but he has been doing so good doing it all by himself. He is so independent these days it makes me very sad. I just want him to stay my little boy forever, but I know that its not going to happen! He is amazes me everyday that passes with the things that he learns. We MIGHT be getting his hair cut in August when he turns 18 months because it gets really hot out here and I don't like having my long hair in the summer time, but it might change.

Today, Justin was getting ready to head to work after lunch. He was putting on his boots and Luckas came over and was trying to stick his foot in his other boot that he didn't put on yet. So Luckas started getting mad that he couldn't wear his daddys boots. So Justin took his already tied boot off and let Luckas stand in them. He tried to walk with them on but those boots are heavy. haha it was so adorable:] Justin needed to get going to he took Luckas out of his boots and started putting them on so he could head out the door. Ohhh did that tick Luckas OFFFFF. He let Justin know he was mad.haha

But it was the cutest thing to see him in the combat boots♥ melted my heart!

Until next time
♥ tiffany


  1. i love how it looks on the page :)
    and the pics of Luckas are adorable! <3 hes too cute!... try not to cry too much when you cut those baby curls off mamma!

  2. thank you so much.i think it looks AMAZING!he is getting to be such a big boy, i'm going to have to really hold back those tears bc iam going to loose it.