Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dang Scanner.....

Well today wasn't such a hot smokin day as I planned it to be. Lets just say my Wednesday was already messed up when Lincoln Housing wanted to leave a little "letter" informing us that our power would be out from 0700-1700. Really freaking 10 hours to do some power stuff?!?!

So Justin didnt have to go into work till noon since he got home late last night. Which was nice since when he has off he lets me sleep in and takes care of Luckas in the morning till his morning nap and crawls back into bed with me:) I was worried about how Luckas was going to act since he watchs Blues Clues every morning. Well Lincoln like always dont hold up their end of the deal. The power didnt go out till 1030, thank goodness I was checking the mail and went through the garage (garage door was open). My neighbor runs over since her car is stuck in her garage. I ran her to her daughters one year appointment. As I was driving her to the office, I totally forgot about the emergency lock on the garage door. I could of told her about that but she was in a hurry!

I decided that Luckas and I would go out and grab lunch since I couldnt make him anything here. Have to keep the milk cold, so no fridge. We go to the park and have lunch and he plays:) Luckas gets so excited about the park whenever we go. I swear this kid is gonna love being outsite when he grows up! I can already see it. Well we come and the power is back on, Luckas goes down for a nap. I realize that our sprinklers in the front yard have been on since 10 this morning and its just waisting water. So I have to call that in to housing, I have to call and put in a ticket for my stupid smoke alarm since its beep non-stop since the power went. I took it apart and threw it in the garage. The lady to fix it finally shows up about 1530. Luckas is down for his nap, Ace is barking up a storm because she knocked. My day is already in the mud because of the amazing Lincoln Housing! I have to get Luckas' forms to his daycare provider and my amazing scanner decides to have a freaking fit and not work. I was just fed up at that point. I was wanting to grab it, rip the cords out and throw it across the room. But I didn't finally after crunch time it works. YAY:) We drop off his papers and Luckas doesnt want to leave her house. He is literally pushing me away so he can get down and play. This is going to be great when I just need to drop him off for a "drop in"! I'm excited for this new little adventure we are going to be doing when its needed! Justin came home really late than normal, but he will be gone all day Friday to the field. Just really excited for this weekend!! But now our evening as come together and it ended way better then it started..yippeeee!!

PS. Even more excited to go FISHING next month:)



  1. you know i would watch him for free anytime!! but im glad you have something for just in case. gotta love it when things fall in place :)

  2. i know.its just better this way because your going to have your hands full with 3!!