Thursday, March 31, 2011

25 Week Drake Update:)

Well Tuesday I hit 25 weeks for this pregnancy and I honestly can't believe that time has just FLOWN by. I guess when you have a husband who isn't deployed, have a toddler who is always on the go go go and running your own business the time just goes by fast! I remember last time with Luckas that time was going so slow and the last few months just went by so slow since my husband was deployed and I decided to stay here to prepare for Luckas' arrival into the world. So far everything is going great, Drake is measuring just right on time. Still due at the beginning of July:) In a few weeks I go in for another appt and I have to take that yuck drink test. I feel so much smaller this time around then with Luckas, but I can't complain:) Lately my FAVORITE thing to eat/snack on is CHOCOLATE...oh yes..CHOCOLATE. So here are some little bump photos I took with some M&M's that I have been eatting non-stop haha:) And let me just add it wasn't EASY to keep Luckas away since he wanted to eat the M&M's. lol