Friday, April 9, 2010

No More Sippy Cups During Naps..

Luckas is finally feeling better after his little "virus" that he caught. We never thought he was going to get better, just seemed like it was getting worse. But thank goodness he is better. We are also guess he has allergies so thats going to be fun every year with all three of us having allergies:) He is also off baby food and has been since about late February. It was more me since he didnt have that many teeth and I was worried he wasnt going to be able to eat table food regularly for 3 meals a day. So we started feeding his "big boy" food and at first he would let us feed him with no problem. Remind you there is no handbook about parenting. But the past month we thought he was going through this phase of throwing a fit in his high chair and refused to eat his food we would feed him. NOPE, he has become Mr. Independent over night and he wants to feed himself, plus do it all on his own. Kinda makes me sad that right now he doesnt want his mommy to do anything for him, but I have to remind myself this is his way of growing up. Sleeping through the night is officially a success now. He doesnt cry anymore or wake up during the night. And another bonus, we started giving him water in his sippy cup when he goes down for a nap or bedtime. We tuck him in and hand him the cup, he pushes it away or he throws it after taking a sip. We know he doesnt drink it because its the same amount that we put in. So thats a double whammy. He is talking ALOT more in his baby babble and is testing the waters like all toddlers do to get their way when they want something, so thats been fun. He is also sneaky and smart, he knows how to press the child proof locks that are on the cabinets. He can now reach the 4th shelf on the dvd rack, he knows his certain key words like buh-bye, go give your dad a kiss or are you hungry, is it time for a bath? He is just so smart:) I cant believe he is going to be 14 months this month, time is FLYING ON BY. Well thats a little update about Luckas.


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