Monday, April 26, 2010

Been Slacking..Sorry

We have been really busy here lately. Luckas is literally in the "go go go toddler stage". He has learned how to climb the couch and he goes over to Justins computer and stands on it. Not safe, so we literally cant keep our eyes off him for 2 seconds. He is just growing up way to fast! I took him to the water park on base and he HATED it. He is not a sprinkler man, he is more of a pool man:)We just busted out his "baby" pool from last year and he had a blast in it!! Might have to get him a little bigger one, but the pool is right down the road from us. He is learning new words all the time, but does it in his own little way. He likes to copy what you say which can be so funny. We will be in the commissary, in the frozen food section. They have polar bears on top and goes WOOOOW WOOOOW, after I just said it. He now loves to have everything we have!! Such a little stinker:)
Justin is busy with school and work so thats been his main focus, since his classes are coming on more and more. Cant wait for him to be done with school:) I have been super busy chasing after Luckas. Taking my own classes online and running OJP:) I cant express how it feels to get behind my camera lens. I cant explain it but I just get a rush when I'm taking peoples photos. And then seeing the photos come out the way they do, just makes it even better for me. I cant wait to learn more:)

Okay, well I will try to keep everyone more updated!Sorry:(

♥ tiffany

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