Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010

I honestly love when the weather starts to change...well not much here in 29 Palms,CA. But at least the leafs are turning colors and falling off the trees. And I know that its starting to get closer and closer to my favorite holiday Christmas:):) Well I wanted to post some of the lovely art work Luckas has done at daycare or here at home with me. He loves to color, draw and he gets really into it haha. I'm thinking about making some turkey hats with him. He might rip it up but then again he might wear it. I'm just really excited that he is older now and can kinda understand whats going on with the holiday.

Here are our Turkeys that are hanging in the kitchen:) Then his really sweet fall sticker collage he did at daycare the other day. Then tonight we made baby and mommy Turkey hands! These were taken via-cellphone since I didn't want to drag out all the cords to my camera. Lazy, yes I know.

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  1. these are TOOO CUTE Tiff! :) Love them! You are such a wonderful Mommy and I can tell how stinkin PROUD you are of Luckas! :) :) :)